Exclusive: Trey Lippe Morrison hopeful brother Kenzie joins him in L.A.

The siblings, both sons of ex-world champion Tommy ‘The Duke’ Morrison, are yet to taste defeat in eleven and ten bouts, respectively, whilst Trey decided to switch his base from Oklahoma to Los Angeles just under a year ago.

An offer was also extended to 26-year-old Witt, although the younger brother by ten months, is yet to take up the offer to train alongside Lippe with legendary trainer Freddie Roach at the world-famous Wild Card Gym.

“They have asked me about Kenzie moving to the Wild Card, and he’s thinking about it. I haven’t really spoken to him recently about it, but hopefully, he makes his mind up, and he does come down here,” Lippe exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Training with Kenzie always gives a little bit more of a competitive edge with him and me. We already have a competitive edge when we get in the ring with another opponent, but if that other person is your brother, it gives even more of a competitive edge.

“I’d like to have that in training as It puts a bit of fire to it every day in boxing. We’ve had a couple of battles over the years, and they are slugfests, for sure,” he added.

Inheriting their dad’s knockout power – along with his distinct looks, Lippe currently possesses a 100% KO ratio, whilst Witt has stopped 80% of his opponents thus far.

Lippe is set for a return from injury in the coming weeks, having not fought since January, time out, which left Witt the opportunity to edge closer on the victory stakes with a trio of early wins in three months.