Chagaev fails to agree Oquendo defense, stripped of WBA belt

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The WBA World Championships Committee issued a resolution to Uzbek Ruslan Chagaev, who until now held the heavyweight title, as there has been no intention to fulfill his mandatory commitments within the category.

Chagaev was reinstated as champion, as indicated by the rules of the WBA, when the use of prohibited substances in Australian Lucas Browne’s test appeared which annulled his victory by knockout in March.

Upon regaining the status of champion, Chagaev was immediately notified of his obligation to fight with Fres Oquendo.

Boricua Boxing achieved through a court order, the right to rematch with Chagaev. However, he did not fulfill the mandate fight.

The now former champion was notified several times of the situation but the Championships Committee received no response. Therefore, as indicated by the WBA rules, Chagaev was stripped of his belt.

Meanwhile, Oquendo maintains his status within the tournament to find a single division champion heavyweight. The same has now

The same has now agreed between the Luis Ortiz and Alexander Ustinov fight on September 17 and the rematch between British Tyson Fury and Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko.

The winners of those two bouts will eventually fight Oquendo.