Thomas LaManna must avoid stumble in big fight quest

Rising Promo 21/07/2016

This Friday night at the Claridge in Atlantic City, welterweight, Thomas ” Cornflake” LaManna will take on Engleberto Valenzuela in a six-round bout in a card promoted by Rising Promotions.

With a win, the 24 year-old of Millville, New Jersey is staring a big opportunity in the face against an undefeated opponent that is already penciled in for a September 16th date in Atlantic City.

Although, LaManna can not and will not get into specifics of that fight until he comes through the fight with Valenzuela as he is not taking the native of Sonora, Mexico lightly.

“Valenzuela is a guy from Mexico, who will come to fight. I will try to invest in body work early and see where that goes,” said Lamanna.

LaManna stepped up his training as he started his camp out west and worked with a high class of fighters in an effort to up his skill level.

“Everything went well in camp. I started out in Las Vegas and worked with 2012 Olympic Gold medal winner Ryota Murata. Originally I was not going to fight because of the fight in September, But I was feeling good, so we are ready to put on a great performance.”

This is the fourth fight card for Rising Promotions at The Claridge. The Promotional company headed by Thomas and his mother Debbie. Putting on a show where LaManna is promoting is a daunting task as he must find time to take care of all aspects in putting a show together, but also train properly for a high-class professional boxing match.

“At times it is difficult to train and work on the promotional aspects of the show. But I am intelligent enough to oversee that everyone is doing their job. We have had three shows and I have fought on two of them, and everything has gone well for us and me in the ring as well. If there is a problem, I fix it, but I am a fighter first. The training is most important. That get’s taken care of first, and then I take care of the promotional end of things.”