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Home » Haumono and trainer Fortune protest ‘unclear’ Parker ten count

Haumono and trainer Fortune protest ‘unclear’ Parker ten count

Haumono, 40, was dropped by an uppercut by Parker in the fourth round and was seemingly counted out by referee Bruce McTavish.

After the bout was awarded to Parker, which meant a 17th stoppage from 20 wins for the IBF number one, Haumono and Fortune launched a complaint that he had actually made it up before the ten count.

“I believe I was forcing the fight, got caught with a shot, was regathering my thoughts and was ready to go on,” Haumono told the New Zealand Herald. “Unfortunately, the referee seemed to think otherwise.”

Fortune added that he thought the count was more like and eight than a ten.

“The count wasn’t clear, it wasn’t loud or precise. It’s not because we’re sore losers or anything like that, it’s about the fact (referee Bruce McTavish) actually got it wrong,” he said.

Protests from Haumono’s camp are set to go unheeded though a Parker moves on to a possible shot at Anthony Parker, whilst the veteran contemplates a third career defeat.

Parker has a few weeks to wait until he finds out whether he will be in the opposite corner to Joshua in London later this year.

Bermane Stiverne and Eric Molina are just two of the names being mentioned as alternatives to Parker for the IBF belt holder.