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Patrick Mendy signs with Platinum Boxing Promotions

Super Middleweight prospect Patrick Mendy, the youngest ever winner of Sky Sports’ flagship professional boxing tournament, Prizefighter, put pen to paper on his two year, exclusive promotional contract following extensive negotiations this month.

The senior management team at PBP, which enjoyed its inaugural promotional event on 26th March 2016, at Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading, have been negotiating behind the scenes with a selection of the region’s finest pugilist talent and expect to announce additional signings to their promotional banner in the coming weeks.

Mark Bartley, Head of Strategy and Commercialisation, comments, “Following the completion of our first promotional event we put in place a number strategic objectives that we wanted to meet before the end of 2016. These include the signing of pugilists that match our company ethos and also the development of strategic partnerships with primarily regional, but also nationwide, based organisations that can help us further the ambitions of our fighters and our organisation as a whole. That’s why we are delighted to be able to forge relationships with organisations such as RAW health and fitness, run by Roddy Slater a renowned fitness trainer and sports masseur. His experience and commitment coupled with his industry knowledge and contacts will prove invaluable to our fighters and to our senior management team.”

RAW health and fitness owner Roddy Slater will be working in conjunction with fitness industry stalwart Ric Moylan to promote the upcoming ‘Inside Athletic Performance’ seminar which takes place on 23rd July 2016, from 9am-5pm at Rivers Ibis Club, Reading. The seminar, which is the birth child of Ric Moylan, delves into the physical and mental condition of a competitive, elite athlete and also includes a Q&A and photo opportunities with a guest elite athlete. All those interested in attending should do so via:

Bartley continued, “The signing of Patrick Mendy is a particularly great fillip for our organisation, especially given the fact he is an entity well known and respected for his exploits around Europe. He has earned himself a real ‘Road Warrior’ reputation built on a ‘has gloves, will travel’ type of mentality. Now we want to take a different tact with him and give him the kid of support he needs to build his personal brand back up. He has been on the receiving end of some questionable decisions of late and that is primarily down to being the away fighter, we will ensure that he gets all of the advantages afforded to the home fighter by making him our pre-eminent priority and placing him top of the bill on our home shows.”