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Home » Gonzalez, Golovkin battle it out for P4P #1 spot on September 10

Gonzalez, Golovkin battle it out for P4P #1 spot on September 10

Mayweather, despite announcing his retirement after beating Andre Berto in September 2015, was allowed a stay of execution at the top of the WBN rankings due to his amazing achievements in the sport.

As the calendar ticks over the twelve-month mark since Mayweather’s last fight, the American legend will drop away after events take place on the weekend of September 10.

It just so happens that the number two and three behind the 39 year-old in the WBN pecking order are fighting on that said Saturday night, leaving Roman Gonzalez and Gennady Golovkin to fight it out for the #1 spot.

Gonzalez is currently situated above Golovkin and has the opportunity to cement his fourth weight world title against Carlos Cuadras at The Forum and take the helm as the new king of boxing.

Only an early and spectacular stoppage of Kell Brook by ‘GGG’ in London could seemingly halt Gonzalez from finally being recognized as WBN’s number one, despite the fact that most other lists already have the Nicaraguan as the best around.

A case could even be made for Gonzalez and Golovkin to share the lead in an unprecedented move in the pound for pound rankings – but all will become clearer once the dust settles on a certain night either side of the Atlantic in two months’ time.