‘Drunk / hungover’ Adrien Broner handed jail time for punctuality

Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.

Multi-weight world champion Adrien Broner is spending time in prison this month after being jailed for turning up for a hearing three hours late.

According to the judge, Broner ‘appeared drunk or hungover’ when he reported to a Cincinnati courthouse to go over details of a previous assault charge and was subsequently sentenced to 30 days behind bars.

Broner is accused of beating a man outside a bowling alley earlier this year and already faces time for the original misdemeanour whilst serving his punctuality month.

broner hamilton county sheriff

The case from January had been likely to have been dropped until Broner held up proceedings, which will  now continue next month.

According to Broner, ‘somebody may have put something in his drink’ to cause his lateness, although the judge was having none of it and sent the boxer to jail.

‘The Problem’ is now due to face the court again on August 17.