Malignaggi to Brook: Fighting GGG comes with a health warning

Rey Sanchez 18/07/2016

Rey Sanchez

Former two-time world champion Paul Malignaggi, who is training every day at the 5th St. GYM in Miami, Fla. for his upcoming fight against Gabriel Bracero on July 30th at the Barclays Center in NY, has talked about Gennady Golovkin v Kell Brook.

Malignaggi appears on the event where the world featherweight champion Leo Santa Cruz will face Carl Frampton.

‘Magic Man’ spoke to Ringsidefightingnews about the middleweight fight between Gennady Golovkin against Kell Brook below:

What do you think about the fight Golovkin-Brook?

Kell Brook is a great fighter and is one of the best in his weight of 147 pounds – said Malignaggi. He’s possibly also as good as a super welterweight. But in my opinion, Golovkin is the best middleweight in the world, so I want to see him fight the best middleweights in the world. I understand that the big names at middleweight do not want to fight with Golovkin but Gennady has other options and opponents who he should deal with. Tureano Jhonson is one of them and has equal chance that Sebastian Heiland, who defeated Mathew Macklin, has also Those two are good fights against good punchers.

However, I understand why Kell Brook and not others were chosen. Kell Brook is a big name at welterweight and no one wants to fight him. Brook also needed a big fight because he could not get his weight rivals to agree a fight. Golovkin and Brook each had the same problem in their weights.

Kell Brook is a bigger name than Tureano Jhonson and Sebastian Heiland but I don’t know if Brook is qualified to fight Golovkin. Kell has more reputation than Johnson and Heiland, so to sell a boxing match, they need the reputation of boxers. For that reason, I understand this fight being made.

This is a dangerous fight for Brook, not only for his career but also for his health. Golovkin is not only the best middleweight; Gennady is the powerful puncher in this weight class. It’s a tough fight.

Brook is a great fighter at welterweight. People think about the old days and mention fights like Napoles-Monzon but they forget that back then the weigh-in was on the same day. Today is different, and when you enter the ring you have to fight against a man who was rehydrated over two or three divisions. It’s harder to do that in this era that in the old days.