Langford awaits news of possible Eubank Jr. clash following Laine win

Longshots 18/07/2016

Tommy Langford made easy work of Timo Laine in a dominating performance, eventually stopping his opponent in round 7, and successfully defended his WBO Inter-Continental belt for the fourth time at the Ice Arena Wales, Cardiff on July 16th.

Langford dominated his opponent from the first bell until the referee halted the fight in a result which was the perfect response too the news a day prior to the bout that the BBBofC have put forward Tommy to challenge Chris Eubank Jr for his British Middleweight Title in the near future.

Langford used the first round as a scouting mission and controlled the round with a sharp jab which easily ripped through a loose defence. As the jab continued to land, Tommy moved up a gear in the final 30 seconds of the round and he followed up a jab with a big right hand which easily found the target and pushes Laine back to the ropes.

It was from that punch onwards where it seemed as if the Fin knew he was out of his depth being in the ring with Langford as he spent the majority of the fight covered up on the ropes.
The non-competiveness of Laine spoiled the fight for the fans but it gave Langford the chance to take an aggressive approach and work towards claiming a stoppage victory.
Langford showed the Welsh fight fans that he equipped a good variety of punches as he started to mix it up with combinations to the body and the head and also showed that he has got a big engine as he continued to rain down the punches and still look strong throughout.

Laine’s stubbornness to go down and a jab thrown here-and-there was the only thing keeping the Fin in the ring, that was until the seventh round when Tommy’s body punches were visibly started to take their toll on Laine, then a flurry a punches to the head, including 2 big right hands getting through the fragile guard of Laine, finally giving the referee enough reason to halt the fight.

It was a strong performance by Langford and also the perfect birthday present for Tommy who turned 27 on Tuesday.

“He came in and was there to survive. He did make it hard for me to find the openings but I did work to do in the end and unloaded and the ref had to stop it.” Said Tommy speaking to Boxnation.

When asked about the potential Chris Eubank Jr fight, Tommy responded with: “The Boxing Board of Control have put me in that position, I’m very happy to be there and I’m really looking forward to the fight should it happen.

It was mixed results for Longshots Sports this weekend as Matty Fagan was narrowly defeated to the experienced Gary Buckland on points, losing 58-57 on the referee’s scorecard in their six rounder.

It was a result which could have gone either way but unfortunately for Matty, it went the way of the home fighter in Welshman Gary Buckland.