Williams beats Corcoran, Cardiff wins for Rigondeaux and Flanagan

WBN 17/07/2016

British Super Welterweight champion Liam Williams defended his belt in a punishing performance against Gary Corcoran in Cardiff.

Williams was clearly the better fighter but was embroiled in a war from the first round due to bad blood between the pair.

After a punishing battle, Williams dropped Corcoran in the eleventh and finished the bout in style to retain the UK strap.

In the second half of the main event, Guillermo Rigondeaux showed the usual glimpses of wonderment when taking out Jazza Dickens after two completed rounds.

A massive left hand which came at Dickens with precision accuracy broke the Liverpool scrapper’s jaw and thus ended the contest.

Dickens went to his corner and wanted to continue but the damage was too bad and Rigo was declared the winner. 

As Rigondeaux celebrated a successful UK debut, Dickens was taken to hospital in a bid to correct the injury via surgery.

Manchester’s Terry Flanagan was made to work for his money as the WBO Lightweight champion scored a decision over veteran South African Mzonke Fana.

Fana was down twice in the fight but lasted the distance despite his 42 years.

In the end, Flanagan won convincingly 120-106 on all three cards but won’t have sent any shockwaves through the division.