Wilder’s U-turn: Arreola doesn’t deserve a title shot – he’s lucky!

Ryan Hafey

Deontay Wilder had championed Chris Arreola during the build-up to his hastily-arranged title defence but revealed a swift change of heart during final preparations for the fight.

The 36-0 WBC heavyweight champion pointed out that Arreola ticked all the boxes to give his fans an entertaining encounter, although was necessarily worthy or a third challenge for the green and gold belt.

“We’ve had a few guys that we could have chosen, but there were certain guys we didn’t want to give a short notice opportunity. We needed a certain type of fighter for this job,”said Wilder.

“We need someone who will fight with their heart and take this opportunity and make the most of it. Does he deserve the title shot? No, he doesn’t. He knows it. But is Chris Arreola the perfect guy for this fight? Of course he is.

“Chris is lucky to get a third chance at a title. There’s a lot of prospects who would love to fight him just to get a chance to fight for this belt. We needed a special person for this situation and I blessed Chris Arreola with the opportunity.

“It’s time to fight. He’s ‘The Nightmare’ and I’m a knockout artist. What makes me special is the way I knock people out. Go look at the people I’ve knocked out and see what I’ve given them.

“This is going to be another story for me to write in the history books. I can feel it. It’s going to be a great show. Don’t miss it,” he added.