Watch: Sylvester Stallone shares viral video of baby copying Rocky moves

Sylvester Stallone

Hector Santos

Sylvester Stallone has shared a video that has quickly gone viral of a young boy taking motivation from a famous scene from the Rocky movies.

In 1976, Stallone brought the much-loved character ‘Rocky Balboa’ to life and has reaped the rewards of a forty-year affiliation with the sport. 

Earlier this year, ‘Sly’ won a Golden Glove for his portrayal of Balboa in a seventh installment from the franchise ‘Creed’, although the child in question was watching one of the earliest clips of his hero.

It shows that you are never too young to get hooked by the spirit of Rocky and it doesn’t matter how many years pass, the story still inspires.

This kid makes me so proud that it touches A heart so young … Maybe I have to fight him and ROCKY 10 !!!

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