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Stephen Spark ruled out of August 20 bout

Spark received the disappointing news this week after an MRI revealed further damage which requires around three months to heal.

“It’s really disappointing,” Spark said.

“However I’ve been very philosophical about it, injuries occur in any sport and unfortunately that’s the case for me at present.

“Rather than dwell on it or get down about it I’m being really positive.

“It’s a setback right now, but in the big picture its only minor.

“I’m only nineteen, I have a long career ahead of me so I need to rehabilitate my hand 100% now. That’s my only focus.

“I won’t stop training, I’ll keep working hard and when my hand is fully healed hopefully I can make up for lost time.

“It’s disappointing to miss out on this Queensland title shot on a great card promoted by Angelo DiCarlo, but I’ll be back and hopefully I get another State title shot down the track.”

Spark’s trainer/manager Brendon Smith was equalling disappointed his young charge will have to sit on the sidelines for around three months.

“I’m really disappointed for Stevie,” Smith said. “He’s worked so hard for this chance, he’s done everything right since returning after a year lay off.

“But that’s boxing and now we have to make sure he lets this injury heal 100% and the only he can do that is by not using that hand for three months so that’s what we need to do.

“Stevie will come back bigger, better and stronger from this setback.

“He has amazing mental strength and I’ve been really impressed with how he’s handled this news.

“He hasn’t wallowed or whinged, instead he’s putting all his energy into helping his hand heal as well as it possibly can.

“There will be State title shots for Steven Spark down the track.

“When he returns from this injury later in the year I’m sure Australian boxing will see a future star.

“Steven Spark has the potential to be a boxing superstar in this country.”