Jose Sulaiman Amateur Tournament: Stage four results

WBC 12/07/2016

Chester Parada, from Mexico City, defeated Brayan Carrillo by UD in the welterweight division, during the 4th stage of the “Jose Sulaiman Amateur Tournament” which is celebrated at the Deportivo Metro in Mexico City.

Parada, representative of The Metro, used his boxing skills to defeat Carrilo, from the Zaragoza Gym on the marathon card Which incorporated 24 matches.

Emilio Venegas, pupil of Rey Vargas, in the welterweight division defeated Alexis Olvera by split decision. Raul Garcia defeated Carlos Martinez by unanimous decision.

In the flyweight division, Jeronimo Hernandez, eliminated Pablo Salgado by split decision. Israel Ramirez defeated Erick Sandoval and Juan Garcia stopped Armando Zavala by TKO in 2 rounds.

Cesar Ramos, in the lightweight division, defeated Rene Martinez. Jesus Cadena defeated Didier García by KO. Alan González defeated Carlos Lopez by TKO in 1 round. Paolo Figueroa defeated Luis Herrera by UD.

In the bantamweight division, David Velasco defeated José Sánchez by TKO in 2 rounds. Josmar Martínez defeated Uriel Vázquez by TKO. Jaime Gonzalez defeated Ramón Sánchez by KO. Alexis Cedillo defeated Brandon Vite by TKO.

In the middleweight division, Irving Lopez defeated Guillermo Ramirez by TKO and Vicente Jarilla defeated Jose Carmona by split decision.

In the female category, Isabel Jimenez defeated Evelyn Carreon by decision in the light flyweight division. Yaredi de Jesus defeated Yadira Castillo by TKO, in welterweight division, Wendy Coria defeated Micaela Flores by decision (featherweight division), Mary Barrera defeated Wanda Pamela and Johanna Laukenau defeated Luz Aguilar (light flyweight).