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Home » The 12th Round: Mauricio Sulaiman praises boxing’s shining example

The 12th Round: Mauricio Sulaiman praises boxing’s shining example

The world is going through very sensitive and difficult times. Violence is out of control and every single week reports of killings, riots, bombings and all sorts of tragic events are all over the news all over the world.

Discrimination must not be tolerated. We must learn from history and how such practice has ruined civilizations and has brought misery. The WBC family is united to express its sensible condolences to those who suffered from the shooting in Dallas, where five police service agents were killed .

There are many officers who participate in boxing all over the world. In the USA alone, many ring officials are from the armed forces. Ray Hawkins, RIP, was a great judge and served as deputy in the police force of Dallas for 33 years, currently Jessie Reyes is also in the Dallas police force and is a boxing judge. In California, Steve Morrow, Jack Reiss and so many others belong to our sport. WBC Vice President General Kovid Bhakdibhumi was in charge of the police force of Thailand with 220,000 agents under his leadership, a former BBBC Chairman was from Scotland Yard, and so many other examples simply exemplify the relationship between our combat sport and many heroes who combat the streets trying to protect us all.

Boxing is a noble sport. Fighters engage in tremendous and brutal fights but when that final bell rings, they go to the center of the ring and embrace each other and recognize the virtues of his or her opponent. It is a sport filled with honor and respect.

The past two weeks were special for me and the WBC. We received visits from the two PFP icons of today in our headquarters. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez spent a few days in Mexico City and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin made a quick trip to receive his WBC green and gold belt. Both represent the best of boxing, inside and outside of the ring. Two undefeated champions, both of them heroes in their nations and respected worldwide, neither has been in any sort of scandal, always positive, always smiling and willing to sign autographs, take pictures, give interviews. Neither drinks, and both are ambassadors of the Clean Boxing Program.

These are the soldiers that boxing has to offer to the world, role models who have a clean life and do the fighting in the ring and lead their society by example in their day to day life. Boxing is an example on how life should be.