Mauricio Sulaiman salutes Sylvester Stallone on 70th birthday

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman paid tribute to movie star and boxing advocate Sylvester Stallone as the ‘Rocky’ creator turned 70 on Wednesday.

Stallone, who was part of a spin-off from Rocky titled ‘Creed’ in 2015, won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of ex-world champion Rocky Balboa and has been widely praised for his dedication to the sport throughout his career.

Six ‘Rocky’ instalments were followed by Grudge Match alongside Raging Bull’s Robert De Niro and finally ‘Creed’ which won a mass of accolades earlier this year, including an Oscar nomination for Stallone.

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In saluting Stallone, Sulaiman said: “Mr. Stallone: Dear Friend, the time passes by and you are more and more brilliant at what you do. Hope you had a great day!”

Fans from around the world sent birthday wishes to Stallone, including old Hollywood rival and good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former ‘Mr. Universe’ joked: “Happy birthday my friend! You have so much to celebrate – family, awards, success, and always being older than me!”

Schwarzenegger played opposite Stallone as recently as 2013 in ‘Game Plan’ and has been part of all three ‘Expendables’ films between from 2010 to 2014.

WBN would also like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Stallone a happy birthday and many more to come!