Tetteh fined for failing to continue fighting against Blackledge

CBC 05/07/2016

On 5th June the Central Area Council of the British Boxing Board of Control held a hearing to consider reports of the Commonwealth Super-middleweight Championship defence by Champion Luke Blackledge of England against Ishmael Tetteh of Ghana.

In particular, to consider disposal of the portion of the purse of Tetteh withheld by the Steward in charge at the tournament.

The amount was withheld under BBB of C Regulations following the unsatisfactory ending to the contest in the 5th round when, having put up a determined challenge, Tetteh allowed himself to be counted out by the Referee seemingly perfectly capable of rising before the count of 10, which he did with ease immediately the count was completed.

Mr Tetteh had been advised before the hearing of his right to attend and/or be represented.

Following their deliberations, the members of the Central Area Council determined that Mr Tetteh be fined the sum of £2500 sterling, with the balance of the purse to be returned to him.

In accordance with the BBB of C Regulations the amount of the fine will be paid into the BBB of C Charity (Benevolent Fund).