Hermanator to China: I’ll be back!

TGW & Smithy 05/07/2016

THE BLOSSOMING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHINA’S NUMBER ONE PROMOTER LIU GANG AND LOCAL HEAVYWEIGHT HERMAN ENE-PURCELL looks set to grow even further after his performance on the June 24 show in Beijing.

Ene-Purcell is likely to fight in China again this year at least once, possibly even twice.

“After Herman’s big win over Jong Suek Lee, Liu Gang spoke to us straight away about returning,” Ene-Purcell’s trainer-manager Brendon Smith said.

“It’s very flattering when you have some one of Liu Gang’s stature wanting you back.

“Remembering this is a man who just promoted a show that drew a full house in Bejing that featured two World titles and it was beamed into 68 countries across the globe.

“Herman was a part of that huge show and now it looks like it won’t be his last. Liu is very keen to promote Herman in China.

“He spoke to us about possibly Shanghai in September and another show in December.

“It’s exciting times for the Herminator.”

Heman Ene-Purcell is humbled by the support he’s received from Liu Gang and his promotions company Max Power Promotions.

“I’m unbelievably humbled by the support of someone like Mr Lui Gang,” Ene-Purcell said. “I’m very grateful for the opportunities he’s given me already and overwhelmed knowing there is probably more fights in China on the horizon.

“I’ll leave that up to my manager Brendon Smith and Liu, what ever they decide is best for me -I’ll be happy with that.

“I would love to fight in China again. The June 24 experience was unbelievable.

“To be on a card featuring two world titles and two international titles was incredible.

“To sit beside the likes of Javier Fortuna and Nehomar Cermeno at the press conference and back stage warming up was an experience i’ll never forget.

“I’ve watched them on tv now I’m standing right beside them fighting on the same card – it was a money can’t buy experience.”

The win over Jong Suek Lee is likely to open the door for greater opportunities. Ene-Purcell was dominate winning the bout by round one TKO. The Herminator dropped his opponent twice before the referee called a halt to the bout.

“It was a good win,” Brendon Smith said.

“It showed how much Herman is developing, he took his time and when the openings presented themselves he capitalised. He’s improving every fight.

“Jong Suek Lee had a large contingent of supporters with him and his camp was very confident of victory.

“His team spoke to me after the fight and they too expressed how impressed they were with Herman, so this young man is certainly turning heads.

“I’ll speak with Liu in the coming days and hopefully we can lock in his next bout.

“Shanghai in September is a big possibility and Liu is keen to test Herman over longer rounds which suits us as well.

“We’re aiming for a big finish to the year for the Herminator.”