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Vargas brands Brook ‘a piece of s***, gets fight promise in return

Having already signed his portion of the deal for a September UK bout, Vargas is growing impatient and has told Brook ‘to be a man’ as the American seeks out the opportunity to add another title.

Vargas has even called Brook’s bluff by insinuating that he may be turning his attention elsewhere and be looking to open talks with Timothy Bradley about a high-profile rematch stateside.

“He doesn’t seem to be interested in the fight from the looks of it,” said Vargas. (The) Next big fight that the fans would enjoy would be the Bradley rematch!”

Later, Vargas got decidedly more personal and gave Brook as piece of his mind through social media.

“You’re a piece of shit Brook. Let’s get it signed as I’m eager to shut you up and teach you to how to respect others!”

Brook came back with a quick retort of his own and publicly stated his desire to get the fight signed in the next few days.

“Then let’s get it signed this week so I can tear you to pieces,” promised Brook.

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An initial date of September 3 was agreed between Cameron Dunkin and Eddie Hearn, the former confirmed to WBN last month, although the emergence of a fight around the same time involving middleweight king Gennady Golovkin and Chris Eubank Jr. has played havoc with the Matchroom calendar.

It could well be that promoter Hearn is looking to put the two fights on the same bill in a massive pay-per-view event on Sky Sports Box Office and wants to wait until Golovkin v Eubank is over the line before Brook hands in his paperwork for Vargas.

A later date in September is almost certain to be looked due to the current delay in talks, whilst fans will be licking their lips at the prospect of a Golovkin v Eubank / Brook v Vargas double-header.

The only change for Brook will be the fight heading down to London, rather than taking place in his home city of Sheffield, although Hearn’s wish to see ‘The Special One’ take centre stage on the PPV platform would then come to fruition.