WBC ranked fighters given deadline to enroll for random testing

The World Boxing Council have sent a reminder to boxer currently positioned highly in their rankings as the Clean Boxing Program is set to begin random testing.

In a letter – also sent to WBN, the WBC have informed all involved with their top 15 contenders of the obligations that now come with their ranking.

The document reads as follows:

To all promoters, managers, trainers and boxers,

The WBC announced the official registration period for the Clean Boxing Program on May 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Every champion and any top 15 rated fighter in the WBC is eligible for out of competition and in competition random testing.

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) is responsible to administer the program – including the system, which randomly selects eligible boxers for the collection of samples.

This section of the Clean Boxing Program, which is random testing has no cost to the boxer, its representatives or anyone else, as it is paid in full by the Clean Boxing Program.

All eligible fighters must submit their paperwork to enroll in the program immediately, as the 90-day grace period will expire August 9 and any fighter who is not enrolled in the Clean Boxing Program will be removed from the WBC ratings.