Erkan Teper handed BDB reprieve, allowed to return July 3 under constant checks despite EBU ban


Heavyweight Erkan Teper has been given a two-week reprieve by the German Boxing Commission (BDB) to participate in a comeback bout against American Derric Rossy on Sunday night.

The 34 year-old was suspended for one year by the BDB for two failed drugs tests either side of a European title win over David Price on July 17, 2015, resulting in his standing in boxing being questioned.

On top of that, Teper was banned for two years by the EBU, stripped of his belt, dropped from the rankings and had the result of his win against Price amended to a no-contest.

Despite calls for a tougher punishment, Teper is able to resume his career due to BDB President Thomas Putz showing leniency under strict conditions for the fighter.

“We were able to agree with Z!Promotion And Erkan Teper, as regards early release from the ban,” Putz said, according to “Erkan Teper had to pay a high penalty for his offense, also his promoter Z! -Promotion promised to monitor the situation. Therefore, Teper is allowed to fight July 3 under a BDB license again, although we have agreed that he has to undergo constant training checks at the cost of Z! Promotion.

“In addition, we must always be made aware of where he is staying to be able to perform unannounced inspections when required. This is really Teper’s last chance. Should he again test positive, he loses his BDB license and will probably never again allowed to get in the ring with a German boxing license.

“We will continue to do everything to ensure that the drug abuse will not make it widespread in our sport,” he added.

Teper faces veteran Rossy at the Gellersenhalle Reppenstedt, Lüneburg in a bid to extend his 15-0 record and begin the long process of rebuilding his tarnished reputation.