Mexico rule out sending professional boxers to Olympics

WBC 23/06/2016

Mexico is one of the country’s with most boxers in the entire world, and its voice is always heard in the Olympic sphere.

It has been confirmed that Mexico doesn’t support the idea of having professional fighters competing in the Amateur Olympics. It has been made clear that professional Mexican boxing won’t be participating in Rio 2016.

“This is a great step towards the main goal of many people to take great care and to protect boxers’s well being.” – Salvador Rodríguez, ESPN

Last June 9th, the President of the Mexican Federation of Boxing, Ricardo Contreras, opened the process to allow professional fighters to sign up in an eliminatory tournament, which would take place in Venezuela, in order to get a place in the Olympic Games in Rio. Once the period of signing ups was finished, it was noticed that Mexico would send any professional boxer to the eliminatory process.

In accordance with the information provided by Contreras to ESPN, there were received 2 requests and just one of the fighters, Marco “Dorado” Reyes, fulfilled the requirements; however, at the end of the process he retired his petition and decided not to go. The other fighter just didn’t pass the requirements.

“Two fighters requested to go, one of them passed the requirements, the other one was a new young fighter. Marco Reyes, commented to me that he didn’t want to take the risk of being banned for 2 years by the World Boxing Council, so when the deadline came to send the registrations, we did not have professional fighters signed,” Contreras commented.

Despite his support of the initative of allowing pros in the Olympics, Contreras claimed that the haste the project had, was important for the pro fighters to take a decision, “I am not surprised, what happened is that the announcement was too soon and with just scant time I am sure that was fundamental in the decision of fighters who were considering to participate” the Femebox leader commented.

Regarding the information of the fighters who traveled to the Pre Olympic in Baku, Azerbaijan, and were eliminated, they included: Ivan Delgado, Lindolfo Delgado, Juan Pablo Romero and Rogelio Romero, being chosen to participate at the eliminatory tournament in Venezuela, and he claimed not being able to confirm anything yet.

“As for the tournament of July in Venezuela we will see. I am waiting for the report of the national trainer, Francisco Bonilla. Once I have got the information we will determine everything. For now we are awaiting the classification of Joselito Velazquez, who is just one triumph from getting the classification,” he concluded.

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