Sulaiman, Holyfield, Chavez announce 54th WBC Convention in Florida

WBC 16/06/2016

At the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Florida Hotel, a conference to announce the 54th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, which will take place, December 11 to 17.

It was announced by the WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman, who led the meeting. This convention will be very special, as it’ll count on the participation of the boxing family, important characters but also it’ll be fundamental for making boxing vibrant in this area once again.

Brilliant Brazilian plastic artist, Romero Brito, who created the exquisite art of the convention, attended. He thanked the WBC and its President for making him part of this important event.

Former world champions Julio César Chávez and Evander Holyfield were also in attendance. They both highlighted the importance of this event, not only a great celebration of the boxing family, but also it will address fundamental aspects, actions and projects in order to dignify boxing and vitally, to protect the boxers’ health.

Mayor Martin Kiar, says he’ll be thrilled and proud,receiving the WBC boxing family, explaining that in December the whole city will be festooned with the green and gold colors making this event special and oh so memorable.