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Gamache sure of Nielsen victory, sees weakness in Muller

The former two-time World Champion travelled to South Africa with Nielsen last week where they have been putting the finishing touches to their training, and with only days to go before the cruiserweight clash, Gamache insists they have had the perfect pre-fight preparations.

‘’We’ve been in South Africa for over a week now, which has given us plenty of time to adjust to altitude and our surroundings,’’ said Gamache. ‘’We had some tough sparring in Copenhagen and have been getting some great work here as well. It’s been a terrific camp, Micki is in great shape and he’s ready to get the job done.’’

Having taken time to study Nielsen’s opponent, Gamache is confident the 23 year-old can defeat Muller and progress to the final of the ‘Super 4’ tournament.

‘’I’ve been studying Muller and I’ve seen some things we can exploit and we’ve been working on that in the gym,’’ he says. ‘’Muller is a tough guy who comes to fight, but he has some holes in his in his defence. He’s there to be hit and he’s going to be hit, and when the bell rings he’ll find out what it’s like to be hit by a real cruiserweight.

‘’Muller is a good fighter, but Micki is going to be too big, too strong and too smart for him. I don’t think they realise how good Micki really is, but they will find on Saturday night He’s a special talent. He can punch but he can also box. He’s got a lot of tools to work with; he can hit you upstairs, downstairs, he’s got a good defence, a good jab. He’s a really well rounded fighter.

Fighting away from home holds no fears for Gamache, who believes his fighter will be able to handle the pressure of fighting on foreign soil.

‘’A fight is a fight and Micki is not the type of guy who overthink things,’’ he says. ‘’Whether the fight is in South Africa, Denmark or Timbuktu, it doesn’t matter. We’re here to do a job, and Micki is focused on what he needs to do. I can see it in his work and in his attitude; he’s motivated. He wants to win this fight and he wants to win the tournament.’’