Galahad: Frampton-Quigg up there with Haye-Harrison, Bellew-Cleverly II as worst PPV in history

Hennessy 09/06/2016

Kid Galahad has eyes on the big names in the division having been unimpressed by a recent pay-per-view offering at super-bantamweight.

Once back in the title mix or, indeed, in possession of a belt or two, Galahad, 26, hopes to lure either participant Carl Frampton or Scott Quigg into a lucrative, all-British dust-up.

“For any of us to make big money, we all have to fight each other,” he explains. “There are no other big fights in these lower weight-classes. The fights in the UK between UK fighters are the fights that make sense right now.

“We’ll have to see what happens with Carl Frampton. He’s moved to featherweight and is about to fight Leo Santa Cruz. I don’t see him winning that fight, I think he’ll get stopped, but I wish him well.

“Scott Quigg will always try and avoid me. In fact, Scott Quigg will try and avoid anyone who is half decent. In his last fight (with Frampton) he got badly exposed. He says he wants to fight (Guillermo) Rigondeaux and this guy and that guy, but, when he gets back fighting again, I guarantee you he won’t be fighting big names or dangerous guys. He always name-drops the good fighters in the division and then ends up fighting some guy nobody knows.”

In February, however, Quigg did face Frampton in a world title unification fight. It was a spectacle Galahad, 19-0 (10 KOs), found tough to stomach.

“It was a contender for the worst pay-per-view main event in history,” he says. “The only ones that rival it are Tony Bellew’s rematch with Nathan Cleverly and David Haye’s fight with Audley Harrison.

“Frampton and Quigg talked it up for years and then got in there and were both scared to lose. Neither of them did a thing for twelve rounds. There were no risks taken. There was no attempt to provide entertainment or make a statement. They were both just happy to get paid. Fights like that give this sport a bad name.”

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