Is there a win-win sports betting strategy?

After several unsuccessful attempts to win, every arber wonders how risks may be minimized.

Nowdays, there are lots of strategies to get a safe profit from betting sports. Here are some of the most popular:

Flat — the easiest one when the bet is fixed and does not change durring the game.  The only challenge here is to choose an event with a help of special criteria.

Kelly’s Criteria — your bankroll percent changes depending on the certain outcome possibility.

Oscar’s Grind startegy — after each win, gambler raises the stake. In case of a loss, next stake equals the previous one.

Martingale betting system — gambler doubles his bet after every loss. After winning, the stake equals to the initial one.  

Anti-Martingale — used for betting low odds – every bet implies 100% from banlroll.

The Danish system — if one stake loses, the odds and total sum of all the next raise in an arithmetic progression.  

Surebets — unlike others, gives an opportunity to profin no matter what. You bet reverse bets for the same event but at different bookmakers. Owing to the odds gap, gambler wins no matter the outcome.

You like to win but not lose – surebets are for you! Safe profit is a benefit. On average, gambler gets 15-20% of the bankroll and even more.

A win-win situation occures due to the odds difference for the particular event at different bookies. Where does this gap get from?

First and foremost, due to high competition among bookies that makes them to inflate the odds.

Second, there is quite a number of bookmakers and they just simply can’t manage to keep track of all the others.   

Third, bookmakers are human beings and sometimes make mistakes calculating odds.

Let’s consider the surebets strategy on the example of a basketball game with Team1 and Team2.

First bookmaker puts down 2.7 for Team1 to win. Second bookie puts 1.8 for Team2 to win

Let’s imagine betting $100 on Team1 win at first bookie and $150 on Team2 win at second one.

Total bet is $250.

So, if Team1 wins you get $100*2,7 = $270 — $20 your clear profit. And if Team2 wins, your earning equals to $150*1,8 = $270 долларов. Consequently, you win $20 anyway!

Using surebets strategy you won’t make much, though risk is zero.  

You have to be perceptive and have a quick mind to get regular income betting surebets. Having a functional scanner close at hand won’t make it any worse 😉

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