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Home » Look: Ali’s daughter shares her final picture of ‘The Greatest’

Look: Ali’s daughter shares her final picture of ‘The Greatest’

Ali died on June 3 aged 74 from complications suffered due to a respiratory condition in his adopted home city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Daughter Hana, one of nine children who can call ‘The Greatest’ their daddy, shared a post on her social media account and dated it May 22, 2016.

Three-time heavyweight champion Ali looked well but frail in the picture, which Hana put out for her 11k plus followers on Twitter to see.

“My last photo of my beautiful father telling him I love him,” said Hana ahead of Ali’s funeral at the end of this week in his birthplace of Louisville, Kentucky.

The service is almost a decade in the making as Ali had been planning the way his goodbye would be carried out since one of his earlier health scares.

A book featuring all the icons wishes is being used to plan his final resting and is expected to draw thousands of well-wishers to his old stomping ground.

Boxing drew Ali in as a young child when a local bully stole his bicycle and resulted in one of the most celebrated careers in and outside of the sport.