Bobby Gunn shocked by rivals death, plans Kimbo Slice tribute

Matt Yanofsky 07/06/2016

World Bare Knuckle Boxing heavyweight champion Bobby Gunn is deeply saddened by the passing of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

For the last several years, rumors were circulating of a matchup between Gunn and the backyard fighting legend turned professional fighter.

The two had discussed a match and Gunn personally challenged Kimbo after his courageous come from behind victory over Ken Shamrock in June 2015. Due to what had been said about one another publicly, Gunn thought it may be an intense meeting. Surprisingly, it was the exact opposite.

“I thought there would’ve been a lot of animosity between us since the fight had been discussed and I was pretty adamant about facing him,” said Gunn. “The truth is, and you can see it in the video on YouTube, he was a very nice man. When the cameras were off, we ended up discussing how our sons were both up and coming fighters, our families and other things. At that point, I earned more respect for him as a human being than I ever would have if we fought.”

Last night, Gunn was notified that Kimbo was admitted to the hospital and in bad shape. Shortly thereafter, multiple outlets reported he passed away at 42. As a family man first and fighter second, Gunn was devastated.

“It was very sad to read that he passed, especially at such a young age and so quickly. He has six children and a loving wife that he left behind. Once you got past the rough street fighter, Kevin Ferguson was a very nice person and everybody who met him felt the same way. I’d like to send my condolences to his friends, fans and most importantly his family.

Gunn also plans to pay respects to Kimbo and his family in the ring.

In my next fight, I’ll be defending my bare knuckle championship against Shannon Ritch. The fight is scheduled to be near his hometown of Miami, Florida and I’ll be dedicating the defense to Kimbo Slice. I’d like to personally invite his family to attend the event. 305 forever.”