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Home » Charr, Murat and Granat win as Fornling is shocked in Kassel; Lejarraga halts Vassell in Spain

Charr, Murat and Granat win as Fornling is shocked in Kassel; Lejarraga halts Vassell in Spain

In front of a large gathering of viewers expecting crashing KO’s, they certainly got their monies worth as none of the bouts went the distance.

“But that was not because of weak opponents, but simply because our guys are so strong as bears,” said promoter Erol Ceylan, who was pleased with the event.

“For my boys, it may have been better for sure to get more rounds, but you can get a KO anytime and if it pops, then it pops up!”

The young stars Ege Kurt, Hussein Muhamed, Firat Arslan and Fatih Keles all scored TKO’s in round one, whilst Nikola Milacic took a little longer and beat his opponent Marko Angermann in the second round.

There was probably the best and most compelling fight of the night when Manuel Charr recovered well from nine months out after his life-threatening gunshot injury. The former WBC contender was in top form as “The Diamond Boy” had to use all his arsenal to defeat the tenacious Belarusians Andrei Mazanik. Both opponents had their moments and landed clean shots, but in the end, Charr triumphed by TKO in the seventh round.

Sven Fornling succumbed to Ukrainian Yevgeni Makhteienko by TKO in the fifth round in the shock of the night as the Swede dropped to 10-1.

“It’s part and parcel,” says Ceylan. “You can not always win. For Sven, it was the first defeat in the tenth pro fight. He will learn from it and certainly come back stronger.”

Much better it was for Karo Murat, who took care of his opponent Hillmann Tababary from Bolivia in the first round.

The main fight of the night was over quickly when the rising heavyweight star Adrian Granat needed less than one round to send the experienced Bolivian Saul Farah down three times to the ground and end the fight.

Elsewhere in Spain, Kerman Lejarraga moved to 15-0 with a fourth round stoppage win over Britain’s former Commonwealth champion Denton Vassell.

Welterweight Lejarraga proved too strong at the Frontón Bizkaia in Bilbao for the experienced Vassell – who dropped a fourth loss in 27 bouts.