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Muhammad Ali: ‘Not enough bells to toll this loss’

Ali has dominated the headlines since news of his passing and HBO have made their own tribute to the most iconic fighter to ever lace up a glove.

“We join the rest of the world in mourning the passing of Muhammad Ali and celebrating the legacy of this unique man in unifying us through his acts and gifts.

“Ali’s charisma, grace, and genius transcended all races, religions, nationalities, and generations. His spirit will inspire people forever.

“HBO is honored to have known Muhammad Ali as a fighter of beauty and a man of principle. We experienced the joy of working with him in support of initiatives he passionately cared about including, most importantly, his never-ending desire to teach tolerance and understanding of others to all people.

“Muhammad Ali was an icon and hero, father and friend, and beacon of hope for oppressed people throughout the world. He will be missed by all of those whose lives he touched. There are not enough bells to toll this loss.”

A three-time world champion, Ali transcended the sport and touched the lives of millions with his charisma and charm.

US network rivals Showtime also paid their respects to Ali by saying:

Muhammad Ali was The Greatest of all time. Perhaps the greatest in any sport. The outpouring of emotion currently taking place around the world is a testament to his impact beyond boxing and beyond sports.

On behalf of everyone at Showtime Networks, and our extended boxing family, we offer our condolences to the Ali family and to the millions of people the world over that were inspired by his grace, poise and prowess in life. – Showtime Networks Inc.