PED’s in boxing: A short story on a big mess

Naoki Fukuda / Sumio Yamada / Saulerland

The list of big-name fighters who have tested positive yet barely receive sanction is lengthy… Boxing is howling out for a universal governing authority, the equivalent of an IAAF or Fifa, enforcing a universal drugs policy. As it is, an offence carrying a four-year ban in the UK might get a slap on the wrist in the United States.—Sean Ingle

“We need more guys…willing to voluntarily submit to the most rigorous drug-protocols. And those who don’t and those who don’t and get nailed need to find out it wasn’t worth the risk. I’m not sure boxing commissions have stepped up to that responsibility yet.”—Larry Merchant

Failing a drug test has become commonplace in boxing and in many other sports. However, failing twice or more suggests a dangerous pattern. 

If the cheaters plan to stay ahead of the tests, then perhaps the notion of permanent bans as an appropriate deterrent needs to be considered.  Some have even suggested the radical idea of no bans at all thus shifting the focus of “Performance Enhancement” to a level playing field.

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