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Home » Tyson, Ronaldinho and VanZant sign up for Kickboxer remake

Tyson, Ronaldinho and VanZant sign up for Kickboxer remake

Soon-to-be 50, Tyson continues to find acting parts since his Hollywood breakthrough in ‘The Hangover’ and was recently part of the ensemble for ‘Ip Man 3’, playing Frank in the 2015 action flick.

The original Kickboxer movie released in 1989, starred Jean-Claud Van Damme as Kurt Sloane, a fighter who avenges his brother’s paralysation at the hands of fierce rival ‘Tong Po’ in a Muay Thai battle.

Kickboxer will return this year for ‘Vengeance’ with Van Damme playing ‘Master Durand’ and Former WWE star Dave Bautista in the role of ‘Tong Po’ – directed by Dimitri Logothetis.

Following the August release of Kickboxer: Vengeance, a sequel is already in production entitled ‘Retaliation’ and has two massive sports stars on board in Tyson and Brazilian football great Ronaldinho.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ex-World Footballer of the Year is set to play ‘Ronaldo’ an expert martial arts kicker. It has also been confirmed that UFC’s Paige VanZant has also signed up, although Van Damme is not currently on the cast list for the 2017 episode.

“In addition to his charisma, Ronaldinho also brings with him 66 million social media followers from all parts of the globe,” movie producer Rob Hickman told The Reporter. “Those numbers are an element that a lot of traditional movie stars can’t offer and when we market the film, is something that will be invaluable.”