Exclusive: Nick Blackwell discusses commentary role with David Haye, eyes trainer license

Nick Blackwell

Former British middleweight champion Nick Blackwell met with David Haye recently to discuss a possible commentary role at the ex-world heavyweight champion’s fights.

Blackwell was forced to retire earlier this year after losing his Lonsdale Belt but is raring to go with the next chapter of his life after sitting down with Haye to mull over his future. Spending six days in a coma and affectively dying in the ambulance, Blackwell has made an astonishing recovery from life-threatening injuries.

Spending six days in a coma and effectively dying in the ambulance, Blackwell has made an astonishing recovery from life-threatening injuries.

During his time in hospital, the boxing community rallied round Blackwell, with Haye pledging 10% of earnings from his recent victory over Arnold Gjergjaj to the Trowbridge fighter’s cause. The kind gesture has drawn Blackwell and Haye closer together and will see the pair team up further as the 25 year-old forges a new path in the sport.

“David Haye has helped me out in more ways than one and we have been making plans for me to stay in the game one way or another,” Blackwell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He really has made me feel positive about my future in boxing, business and just in general life, so I owe a lot to him for what he has done. David genuinely is a nice guy that wants to help me.

Divulging more on some of those plans in place, Blackwell added: “I’m looking into getting my trainers licence so I’ll be in the corner for all the lads at Gary Lockett’s gym. It will be nice to see them win titles as the lads have been in my corner for every single one of my fights, especially Liam Williams.

“I want to open my own fitness and boxing gym as I just want to encourage everyone to keep fit and healthy. Hopefully, I can get kids off the streets and give them some direction.

“I also talked to David about maybe doing some commentating for his upcoming fights, so we can see how I get on with that. Another idea I have is to open a healthy eating café, either inside the gym or not too far away, as its just as important to eat a healthy diet as it is to train.

“First things first though and I’m going to go to Cornwall and get away. I need to get my board out and smash some waves as I haven’t had a proper holiday for the last eight years due to boxing.

“With everything that has gone on, I think I deserve one,” he added.