Overwhelming majority votes to allow pros to compete at Rio 2016

A vote held in Rio on June 1st has overwhelmingly decided to allow professional fighters to compete at the forthcoming summer Olympic games.

The AIBA governing body scheduled a meeting to finalize the move which allows any champion boxer to bid for glory at the 2016 tournament in less than ten weeks.

Staunch opposition from pro organisations and a host of legends from the sport has gone unheeded by the AIBA, which would now see top-ranked fighters go up against more inexperienced amateurs in August.

The World Boxing Council have already announced that anyone rated in their Top 15 who competes will face a two-year ban from competing under their banner, whilst the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have so far ruled themselves out.

Of 88 votes cast, 84 approved allowing pros to go for gold in Brazil, with a competition already planned for next month for fighters to attempt qualification for the event in Venezuela.

Some well-known figures in the sport have expressed some interest in taking up the AIBA offer, with Andre Ward and Wladimir Klitschko the highest profile names to admit that competing could be a possibility.

Should all major bodies join forces with a blanket ban, it could prove more difficult than the AIBA thought to see famous fighters at the games.