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Home » Exclusive: Ilunga Makabu to receive African award, backed to become future world champ

Exclusive: Ilunga Makabu to receive African award, backed to become future world champ

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The 28 year-old will head to Morocco this week to pick up the Golden Glove Africa Award 2016 for his performances before suffering only his second career defeat to Bellew for the vacant WBC 200 pound title.

Makabu had put Bellew on the floor in the very first round, although the raw determination of the home fighter proved too much for ‘Junior’, who is now contemplating when and where his next career move will be.

Manager Tarik Saadi spoke to WBN in the aftermath of the bout, not only to congratulate Bellew in an article published on Tuesday – but to reveal Makabu’s recognition for being one of the world’s top cruiserweight contenders.

“I am proud of Junior because I know he will return even stronger by maintaining the coach he knows perfectly,” Saadi exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We congratulate Tony Bellew and we all see that nothing is easy. Everything has to be settled one way or another and only one fighter can reach his purpose and dream in one night.

“That night it was Bellew, but I am so proud of Makabu who has also been named the recipient of the Golden Glove Africa 2016 title to be presented on June 4th of this year in Marrakesh. Makabu receives the award for the great performances he has already carried out and is a worthy winner for what he has achieved so far.

“I would like to thank the organizer and the founder of this ceremony Mr. Driss Khellafi for his invitation and support to the boxers, including Makabu, and the other sportspeople of Africa.”

In regards to Makabu’s future, Saadi was confident that the South African-based puncher would eventually seal his own destiny.

“The rest he will have to wait until we confirm it, but Makabu will become a world champion very soon,” he predicted.