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Home » Exclusive: Sulaiman lauds Bellew’s ‘spectacular accomplishment’

Exclusive: Sulaiman lauds Bellew’s ‘spectacular accomplishment’

Sulaiman was unable to attend due to other commitments but told WBN on the night that he was impressed with the organisation and also that the atmosphere in the arena looked amazing.

Upon witnessing Bellew seal his own ‘Real Life Rocky Story’ when knocking out Makabu despite being having been put down himself in the first, Sulaiman believes the win was a true underdog triumph to inspire all.

“Tony Bellew has brought back the greatness of this sport with his victory,” Sulaiman exclusively told World Boxing New.

“He overcame all obstacles to show the world what a great sport boxing is. Bellew was written off by some, and today all those critics join in celebrating this spectacular accomplishment.

“We all know that at light heavyweight his dream was scratched, but today at cruiserweight he is the real world champion.

“Bellew can forever celebrate being the WBC world champion on his son’s birthday, winning the most precious gift – the green and gold belt!”

Asked whether any deadline had been set for a stipulated mandatory clash with former champion Grigory Drozd, Sulaiman wanted to keep focus on the fight and not take anything away from Bellew.

“Let the champion celebrate his great victory,” he added.

Bellew, 33, may look for a high-profile defence of his belt before a meeting with Drozd, although has already offered UK rival David Haye the chance to drop back down from heavyweight for a massive encounter on home soil.

As Haye recently bulked up to 220 pounds for his two-round blowout of Arnold Gjergjaj, it is unlikely the former 200 pound king would be willing to slim back down and Bellew would possibly have to look into a non-title bout at a catchweight in order to seal the deal.