David Price looks assured on return, scores second round KO

Former British heavyweight champion David Price used his solid jab alongside some crunching uppercuts to deal with the challenge of Vaclav Pesjar with minimal fuss.

The 32 year-old made a successful comeback to Liverpool for the first time in three years and showed glimpses of what could be at Goodison Park after linking up with renowned trainer David Coldwell.

Price kept relaxed and looked confident as he picked apart Pesjar for the duration of the fight which lasted until midway through the second when referee Steve Gray had seen enough.

A massive uppercut in the first round laid down Price’s marker and a similarly devastating shot in the next session ended the argument.

Price now moves to 20-2 with the victory after his recent loss to Erkan Teper was made a no contest by the International Boxing Federation due to two failed drugs tests from the German puncher.

After the fight, Price said: “I felt good in there. I usually have to watch it back to give myself a rating but I felt good in there and got some great feedback from Dave.

“I think it showed in the round and a half that the fight lasted that the things we are working on in the gym are coming to fruition.”