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Home » Micki Nielsen focused on Johnny Muller, claiming ‘Super 4’ triumph

Micki Nielsen focused on Johnny Muller, claiming ‘Super 4’ triumph

Nielsen is competing in the ‘Super 4’ cruiserweight tournament, which will see the undefeated southpaw pitted against some of the division’s top talents to win a share of the $100,000 prize money.

In the first semi-final bout, the 23 year-old takes on Muller, while Kevin Lerena battles Roberto Bolonti to decipher who will meet in the final later this year.

‘’I’m looking to travelling to South Africa,’’ says Nielsen. ‘’It is important that I arrive early so that I have time to adjust to my surroundings. I’ve been training hard and I’m already well prepared. I’m confident that not only will I win my fight with Muller, but that I will win the whole tournament.’’

Nielsen has already undergone a grueling training regime to prepare him for the biggest challenge of his career. The Danish boxer, who will be fighting away from home against a dangerous opponent, must also be ready to fight in an altitude of 1,700 meters, which could prove a difficult task.

‘’Muller is a skilled boxer who likes to work behind his jab,’’ says Nielsen. ‘’But we’ve matched our training to his style and we’ve been working on some things that will make him suffer in the ring.

‘’I’ve also been training with a special mask that gives a sense of boxing in thin air, and once I arrive, I will have two weeks to get used to the altitude and the climate, which should give me enough time to adjust.’’

Unfazed at the prospect of fighting away from home, Nielsen says he is looking forward to the experience and the chance to represent his country on foreign soil.

“I’ve always said that I’m willing to fight anywhere in the world,’’ he said. ‘’I know South Africa can be a difficult place to box. I’m going to be a long way from home and there will be nobody cheering for me, but I’ll be ready for whatever comes my way. I’m going to South Africa to win and to fly the flag for Denmark.

“I’ve boxed away from home before. I’ve fought in England, Finland and Russia, and I lived for three years in Berlin, so it’s nothing new. It’s going to be an exciting opportunity for me, and the experience of fighting away from home will be invaluable once I’m challenging for World titles.’’