Watch: Powerful rabbit punch video, WBC plan zero tolerance

World Boxing Council

One of the biggest problems of boxing are “Rabbit Punches”, a totally illegal, but all too common practice which can have deep and disastrous consequences for boxers.

A graphic and tragic example is Prichard Colon, who is still in a coma after fighting with Terrell Williams on October 17 at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia.

That night, Prichard received many rabbit punches, a forbidden action in our sport presenting critical danger to the back of the skull which is highly vulnerable and relatively unprotected.

This can cause critical damage to some areas of the brain with terrible consequences, even causing fatalities.

The World Boxing Council is committed to stopping rabbit punches. For this reason we’ve launched a world wide program instructing Referees to follow the regulations regarding “Zero Tolerance” to Rabbit Punches” via the “Prichard Colón rule. ”

It is imperative to eradicate this kind ultra dangerous and totally illegal punch, which falls into three categories:

– During the clinch.

– Unintentional, when boxers try to spin or dodge a punch but the blow is landed.

– Intentional

Several examples of this forbidden practice can be seen on the video. Let’s eradicate the Rabbit Punches FOREVER!