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Home » Exclusive: Sulaiman in the dark on Mayweather v McGregor, but says Floyd win could count as 50-0

Exclusive: Sulaiman in the dark on Mayweather v McGregor, but says Floyd win could count as 50-0

Mayweather seems ready to end his retirement in a bid to make another nine-figure check and harbors interest in fighting a big name from the world of MMA instead of one of the top contenders from his own sport.

A fight with McGregor means big bucks for the ‘Money’ man as the Irishman said himself in a recent interview with ESPN, that: ‘Mayweather would only make $15 million against another boxer, but could make $100 million fighting him.’

The rumours have divided fans of both sports since early May and WBN caught up with World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman this week in a bid to get his opinion on their welterweight Champion Emeritus duking it out with the featherweight MMA fighter.

“I really don’t know if it’s a boxing match with boxing rule. I still don’t see a chance for anyone to beat Floyd Mayweather right now. If it’s different rules, then I’m incompetent to give an opinion. Also, I believe McGregor is coming off a defeat and I don’t know what weight he is or what the rules are with MMA,” Sulaiman exclusively told World Boxing News.

Asked if he believes McGregor could get a boxing license in Las Vegas, Sulaiman added: “It’s up to the local boxing commission to grant a license or not. I’m sure if he applied he would be considered, but I don’t McGregor. I only know that he is a popular MMA fighter and he just lost. Anything else I have no idea.”

Mayweather, 39, has apparently made applications to trademark TBE 50 and TMT 50 as the five-weight world title holder is plans to make his next outing count on his C.V, and whilst Sulaiman ruled out any WBC belt being involved, the WBC leader did say a fight with McGregor would be a bonafide fight should the pound for pound king go through the correct boxing channels.

“I do know (Conor McGregor) is that he’s not ranked by the WBC. We don’t even know his weight class. I doubt any rules could apply to any fight between Mayweather and McGregor,” he pointed out.

“Floyd is an icon and one of the greatest fighters, but as far as I know he retired undefeated and he remains retired. Anything else is just talk and publicity right now.

“But if they fight under boxing rules, it is an official fight – a boxing match – and it will go on the record as an official fight,” Sulaiman added.