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Home » Haye urged to cancel ‘joke’ Briggs fight, face Duhaupas instead

Haye urged to cancel ‘joke’ Briggs fight, face Duhaupas instead

Upon witnessing Haye demolish the hapless Arnold Gjergjaj in two rounds and Brigg do likewise to Emilio Zarate in just one, Ameur called the whole thing a charade and believes the UK fans deserve a lot better.

Ameur would like to see Haye face Duhaupas next, the man who gave Deontay Wilder trouble when the pair fought last year, to improve the chances of either man nailing down a challenge for the full WBC title in 2017.

“We all know that David fought against a bad fighter,” Ameur exclusively told World Boxing News.

“No disrespect to Arnold, but he is not good and every person who knows boxing knows that is the case.

“David Haye is selling himself short. He is a good fighter, has a good punch and a top record, but please, who are these opponents he is fighting against?

“I would like to offer David Haye a real fight. He can fight against Johann Duhaupas for the WBC silver title belt because this fight will be a real test for him and not a joke for the public. For this fight he would have the WBC, bigger TV, better sponsors and the event would be good for his reputation.

“Does he really want to be heavyweight champion again? If so, he needs to fight against a bigger name fighter. David is only a champion in his head, but if he steps up and faces Johann in September, it would be a lot better for everyone.

“We all know that Shannon Briggs is not a big fighter anymore. He’s finished, a joke and the guy he fought was no good for a big fight in London,” he added.

It seems Haye’s fight with Briggs is already a done deal between the two though and is once again expected to fill out the O2 Arena in the autumn.

Plenty of pre-fight hype is set to accompany Haye v Briggs in the run-up, whilst Duhaupas may have to focus his efforts on nailing down a possible WBC eliminator after his stunning knockout win over Robert Helenius.