Coldwell: Price can still make a serious impact on the division

Coldwell Boxing 23/05/2016

Coldwell Boxing

David Price makes his long-awaited return to action on May 29th when he provides support to gym-mate and friend, Tony Bellew, who challenges Ilangu Makabu at his beloved Goodison Park.

Price’s outing will be his first with new mentor, Dave Coldwell, in the corner and the Sheffield trainer cuts a confident pose when highlighting his plans for his heavyweight charge.

“We’ve been together a few months now and it’s obvious to me the difference that’s been made already,” buzzed Coldwell. “I’ve been taking a look at the footage of things he was doing when he first come over and the difference in such a short time is remarkable. David is well aware of the position he’s in and he’s pretty much starting again but this is heavyweight boxing and if he lets his hands go and gets a few good wins then he’ll quickly get back to the position he occupied a few years ago when people where giving him the adulation that Anthony Joshua is currently getting. That’s how this division can be so I’m working hard with Pricey to ensure he’s in the best shape possible to capitalise.”

The landscape has altered rapidly in boxing’s glamour division since Price’s menacing rise to the brink of world level. High profile defeats later surrounded in controversy derailed the Liverpool man’s progress whilst Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and the aforementioned Joshua, all pushed on and secured a portion of the sport’s most prestigious prize. Coldwell is insistent that his man still has the tools to join them.

“It’s going to be hard and there’s going to be sacrifices but I know there’s enough there to make a serious impact and it’s up to Pricey to show that now. His gym form is improving all the time and he’s electric in sparring but it means nothing if you can’t take that sort of level into the ring when it matters. Every day I see a hungry fighter who’s desperate for success so it’s time for him to give people a reminder of what he can do and that starts on May 29th.”