Mosley v Porter: Meeting of old friends becomes a possibility

Hon Tillman 20/05/2016

Tom Casino / Suzanne Teresa

Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter get it on in June for the WBA Welterweight World Title, whilst Shane Mosley fights David Avanesyan for the Interim World Title just three weeks prior.

So what happens next? A potential fight between Shane Mosley and Shawn Porter?

To get Mosley vs Porter, well, it’s pretty intriguing. What if Mosley is able to pull off the upset and beat Porter or Thurman? – That would certainly earn Mosley a spot in boxing history as one of the best of all time.

That alone doesn’t just grab the attention. Mosley vs Thurman is also a clash that would bring together two KO punchers. For anyone who has ever fantasized about an all time great facing one of the current greats, that fight is a like a wet dream.

Either of these fights may soon be a reality because WBA President Gilberto Mendoza Jr has announced that the two winners will fight. Whoever comes out on top in the end will then receive the super belt and take their place as the main man at 147 pounds.

Any fight involving Mosley will be a war, a clash of the ages and history in the making. So will it be Mosley vs Thurman, Mosley vs Porter,  Thurman vs Avanesyan or Porter vs Avanesyan?

One thing is for sure that since Porter’s dad Kenny was Shane’s trainer, and Shane has been sparring for years with Shawn that they know each other pretty well. That could make for an interesting fight.

So stands to question. Who are you picking?