Blueprint Boxing add to stable, sign Melissa McMorrow

Blueprint Boxing Promotions is pleased to announce the signing of former three time world flyweight champion “Mighty” Melissa McMorrow to it’s talent roster of world class boxers.

McMorrow (10-5, 1 KOs) is a former three time world champion who in her last fight defeated previously undefeated former world champion Kenia Enriquez in February 2015 in Rosarito Baja California Mexico.

I’m happy to be signed with Blueprint Boxing Promotions. I will be fighting again very soon and I look forward to becoming a four time world champion”said Melissa McMorrow, Former WBO world flyweight champion.”

I am proud to welcome a talented former world champion boxer like Melissa to the Blueprint Boxing Promotions team. Melissa McMorrow is a hard working boxer who wants to fight the best boxers in the world.” said Macke Roberts, Global Operations Officer, Blueprint Boxing Promotions.

With the help of Blueprint Boxing Promotions, Melissa will be more active in the boxing ring and finally get a chance to fight the biggest fights possible in her division. “said Eddie Croft, Manager and trainer of Melissa McMorrow.

“I believe Melissa McMorrow has the potential to become the best pound for pound womens boxer in the world. I will work hard to secure the biggest and best fights for Melissa McMorrow. My goal is for Melissa to become the undisputed world flyweight champion. Melissa McMorrow wants the biggest fights possible in the flyweight division. We really want to fight former world champion Ava Knight. Boxing fans in the Bay Area want to see this fight happen. I will be contacting the team of Ava Knight asap. I hope they don’t price themselves out or forget how to answer the phone.” said Macke Roberts, Global Operations Officer, Blueprint Boxing Promotions”.

Melissa McMorrow is a Brazilian American who trains in San Mateo, California with her manager/trainer Eddie Croft. Melissa has a solid athletic background she grew up playing soccer, she was an All American soccer player in college. Melissa also played semi-pro soccer in Brazil and the U.S.

After her semi-pro soccer league disbanded, Melissa needed another outlet to showcase her passion for athletics. She found and fell in love with the sport of boxing. Melissa began boxing in 2005 and in 2006 she won the National Golden Gloves Flyweight Championship. In 2008 Melissa turned pro and won her first world title in 2012.

“Mighty” Melissa McMorrow is a former three time world champion who is looking to become the face of womens boxing by becoming the undisputed world flyweight champion. Will the world champions dare step in the ring with her? That remains to be seen.