Mosley’s ‘Sunday Story’ revelations point to murky boxing underworld

Hon Tillman 18/05/2016

It’s no secret that boxing is a sport rattled with corruption and shady characters, but the rabbit hole may go further than the average fan may think, according to Shane Mosley.

Mosley has released a series of “Sunday Stories”where he highlights some of the more interesting things that have happened to him in boxing over the years. From being asked to throw fights, to death threats, to being set up on the Balco scandal, Mosley lays out the facts of the business like we have rarely heard. He reveals a level of corruption and monopolies that is mind boggling.

Recently, he tweeted that two promoters were paying fighters to drop off of his card in an attempt to ruin his show, and the anti trust lawsuit he intends to file because of it. Leaves us to wonder who it could be? Al Haymon promotions? He has put on major fights the same day as Shane’s last two fights after Mosley’s fights were announced. Mayweather promotions? Could it be his old rival Golden Boy? Mosley doesn’t reveal who the conspiring party is, but we do know something is amiss.

Mosley fights David Avanesyan May 28th in Glendale Arizona for the WBA Interim Welterweight World Title, and is a mandatory for the winner of Porter/Thurman. With Thurman/Porter easily a fight of the year candidate and the mega name of Mosley it does ring more than strange that no odds are set for Mosley’s fight with ANY of the betting companies. Every single fight Mosley has had, including the last one with Mayorga 2, has had betting odds.

Why is this one glaringly excluded from all fight schedule and betting sites? Mosley explains its because he is being blacklisted by two of the biggest promoters for fighting under his own banner. While many fighters have “Promotional outfits” none of them actually function as promoters independent of the main three promoters, Golden Boy/Top Rank/ and PBC. Even Mayweather promotions only works in conjunction with PBC and as Mayweather always says “Al Haymon is TMT, and TMT is Al Haymon.”

The fact that there seems to be an almost glaring exclusion of the Mosley vs Avanesyan fight from media and betting lines is telling in and of itself. With 5-0 and 6-4 fighters being listed on the betting line, it stands to reason (no matter how old) Mosley should be listed as well. Especially considering he is fighting the title holder and a mandatory for arguably the fight of the year (Thurman/Porter) if he wins.

Mosley was irate on twitter this past Saturday when Dusty Harrison received a draw for a fight he should have clearly lost, citing he is tired of the blatant corruption in boxing. So are we Mr.Mosley. So are we. I for one hope Mosley succeeds in his quest to reform boxing and fight against the monopoly all the fans complain about. Maybe if the fans got behind Mosley more it would teach the big promoters a lesson. Just be fair.