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Home » Watch: Phantom punch keeps Tetteh down, CBC want explanation

Watch: Phantom punch keeps Tetteh down, CBC want explanation

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LUKE BLACKLEDGE (Champion, England) v ISHMAEL TETTEH (Ghana)

I have today emailed Mr. Anthony Kermah of Landmark Management and Promotions, Accra about the controversial ending to last night’s challenge for our Super-middleweight Champion by voluntary challenger, Ishmael Tetteh.

Tetteh started as the underdog but put in a spirited challenge during the preceding rounds prior to the sudden ending in Round 5 when he was counted out by Referee Terry O’Connor, up on his knees, apparently following the count clearly, and this having been completed, immediately rising to his feet looking completely unhurt.

His failure to arise before the completed count completely belied his plucky if crude efforts beforehand and has led to some marked and unfavourable reaction on social media. We will want a very good explanation from Mr. Kermah, whose organization has a long history with Commonwealth Championships and who was responsible for the negotiations with the promoter on the boxer’s behalf, prior to considering whether or not further action may be necessary.

This sort of controversy, whether justified or not, undermines the work of the Directors of the Commonwealth Boxing Council in keeping our Title to the forefront of the many International Titles for which boxers of today may compete. We pride ourselves on the many Commonwealth Champions who go on to World Title success and we expect every challenger to put in 100% effort.

This Mr. Tetteh did this for the best part of 5 rounds and we now need to know under why it was that he was unwilling as opposed to unable, to get to his feet and continue.

The British Boxing Board of Control have already moved to withhold Tetteh’s purse for the contest pending the result of further investigations.

Watch the video below by BoxNation