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Home » WBC begins ‘Clean Boxing Program’ – informs Top 15 ranked fighters

WBC begins ‘Clean Boxing Program’ – informs Top 15 ranked fighters

All fighters who meet the description of being a WBC Champion or holding a position in the top 15 of our WBC Ratings must view the e-learning program, that can be found on our Website ( WBC CLEAN BOXING PROGRAM section and REGISTER, which is a mandatory requirement to be accomplished within the following 90 days.

After viewing the WBC/VADA e-learning webinar you will find the necessary paperwork under the title FORMS/PROTOCOLS/ POLICIES to be completed and sent back to us via e-mail or by scanning of the document to or fax to (702)-255-8420

The WBC is committed to support the boxers of the world and protect them from the dangers of performing enhancing drugs. The WBC has as its priority the education of all boxers concerning PEDs and the prevention of their usage.

For any questions or counseling regarding the clean boxing program you may contact the links shown on the WBC/VADA e-learning webinar. All the material is in English and will be available in Spanish in the coming days.