Former WBC champion Fragomeni wins reality show ‘The Island’

Former WBC cruiserweight world champion Giacobbe Fragomeni won the 2016 edition of the popular reality show “The Island” displaying his desire for teamwork and always avoiding conflicts with other contestants.

Since the show began, he conquered the hearts of the tv fans, not only with his charisma but also with his heartfelt story. He had a rough childhood as his father was violent and an alcoholic, but Giacobbe found boxing.

Giacobbe Fragomeni claimed that participating In the show required dedication, as you had to fight against yourself, against your fears and ghosts. He thanked all the public, who always supported him. He also confirmed he will donate a part of the award to charity.

On behalf the WBC, we want to congratulate our dear former world champion and his promoter, Salvatore Cherchi, for this new victory culminating in triumph.