A message from Sugar: Follow your dream, screw haters and don’t quit!

Shane Mosley

Sumio Yamada

People always ask me how to become great.

I always say just keep working. Don’t give up. A fall is just a fall. Get back up. Screw the haters, the doubt, those who say you can’t do it. You can fall 100 times, but if you get back up then you will always have a chance to achieve your dream.

I have lost a few big fights, but I have gotten up and kept going. What if I had quit after Vernon? There would have been no Oscar II. What if I had quit after Winky? There would have been no Vargas or Margarito annihilations. And what if I quit after Pacquiao and Mayweather? What if I listened to the hate? The nay Sayers? Those who told me to sit down and go home? If I did that I would be who I am. I wouldn’t be a living legend.

So I am standing up again. Support me or don’t it’s a reflection of your limitations, not mine. I will rise like I always do, and come May 28th I will be World Champion for the ninth time in my life. Exactly nine more times than anyone said I ever could.

Share this with someone you love. Someone who has fallen and needs some motivation to get up. Because we can all find motivation in someone’s story, their struggle, and their success.

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley