Mosley makes the right call, saves Santamauro to fight another day

Former world champion ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley, in his capacity as a trainer, made a great call when throwing in the towel to save Rocco Santamauro in the seventh round on Saturday night.

Mosley showed he can make the good calls when his fighter Santamauro froze in his match against the talented Diego De La Hoya.

Despite Santamauro being in shape, the biggest stage of his career proved too much and all the knowledge Mosley attempted to give him went out the window.

A clearly frustrated Mosley, coaching from the sidelines in between rounds, was begging his fighter to do what he had been practicing without success.

Santamauro looked strong in the exchanges over the first few rounds until he got knocked down, and then you could see the emotion cloud his judgement as Mosley tried to give him instructions that may have won the fight.

You could hear Mosley yelling, “stop lunging in. Stop lunging in. Do what I showed you,” but Santamauro couldn’t as he was too pent up with emotion.

In the seventh round, with Santamauro behind on the cards and with no chance of winning, Mosley did the right thing to protect his fighter and stopped the fight.

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Twitter went crazy with support for Mosley hailing him as a great coach for making the correct call and the one thing Santamauro proved is that he has a ton of heart.

I am sure we haven’t seen the last of Santomauro or Mosley in his capacity as a trainer.